Medical Billing Service

Qiaben is a Medical Billing Service Firm delivering unparalleled medical billing consulting services. Our expert billing advisors collaborate closely with healthcare professionals to guide them towards billing excellence. We integrate deeply with your practice to identify strategies for minimizing denials and accelerating reimbursements.

We streamline your healthcare practice with comprehensive management and billing services, designed to ensure the financial health and operational efficiency of your practice. Our approach is systematic and detailed, encompassing a wide range of services

Increased Revenue

Qiaben's meticulous billing processes & expert management of claims ensure that practices capture the maximum possible revenue and reduces the incidence of denied claims & improves the rate of successful reimbursements.

Reduced Billing Errors

With a dedicated team specializing in medical billing, Qiaben significantly lowers the chances of errors that can lead to claim rejections or delays and expertise ensures compliance with the latest billing regulations and standards.

Peace of Mind

Knowing that billing processes are managed by experts provides peace of mind to healthcare providers. This confidence allows providers to concentrate on clinical responsibilities without the stress of financial administration.

Why Choose Us

Billing Brilliance, Unmatched Care

Selecting the right medical billing partner is crucial for the seamless operation and financial vitality of your healthcare practice. Qiaben stands out as the premier choice for medical billing services, offering unparalleled expertise and comprehensive solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of healthcare providers. Here’s why Qiaben should be your top choice

Unmatched Expertise

Qiaben boasts a team of highly skilled professionals with extensive experience in medical billing and coding.

Full Spectrum of Services

From initial claim submission to appeals and payment processing, Qiaben provides a complete suite of billing services

Personalized Billing Solutions

Recognizing the unique challenges and needs of each practice, Qiaben delivers customized billing strategies

How We do it?

How Our Billing Process Works?

Qiaben's Pricing plan

Comprehensive RCM Solutions at Competitive Rates

Our medical billing services provide comprehensive RCM solutions for a reasonable percentage of your monthly revenue collections.

QBN Enterprise

Monthly collections $5 million+

QBN Performance

Monthly collections $100K - $5 million


Monthly collections $50K - $100K
Most popular

QBN Start

Monthly collections $10K - $50K

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