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Gain insights, boost revenue with mental health assessments.

Discover the power of our Patient Assessment Services (P.A.S.) for gaining valuable insights into your patients’ mental well-being while increasing your practice’s revenue


Relax, Let Us Assess and Handle Everything for You

Sit back and let us take care of your patient assessment needs. With our Patient Assessment Services, we handle everything from administering ground-breaking surveys to providing instant and easily understandable reports. Our assessments focus on timely identification of crucial mental health indicators such as depression, social isolation, PTSD, and suicide ideation. Billable through approved CPT codes, our services not only provide valuable insights into your patients’ mental well-being but also contribute to your practice’s revenue stream. Trust us to handle the assessment process while you focus on delivering quality care to your patients.

Comprehensive Insights

Our Patient Assessment Services provide you with comprehensive insights into your patients’ mental well-being. By utilizing ground-breaking surveys, you gain valuable information on indicators such as depression, social isolation, PTSD, and suicide ideation

Time Efficiency

With quick and efficient assessments, you can gather important mental health data in just minutes. This saves time for both you and your patients, allowing for more streamlined and effective care

Personalized Reports

Our assessments generate instant reports that are easily understood and formatted in a way that you’re already accustomed to. This enables you to quickly review and interpret the data, making informed decisions regarding your patients’ mental health

Increased Revenue

Patient Assessment Services offer billable options through approved CPT codes, allowing you to generate additional revenue for your practice. By utilizing these services, you can tap into a revenue stream that may not have been previously realized

Holistic Patient Care

By incorporating mental health assessments into your practice, you can provide more holistic care to your patients. This integrated approach ensures that both their physical and mental well-being are addressed, leading to improved overall health outcomes

Early Intervention and Support

Timely identification of mental health concerns through our assessments allows for early intervention and appropriate support. By identifying issues such as depression or PTSD early on, you can guide patients toward the necessary treatment and resources, enhancing their well-being

Unlock Mental Health Insights

Empower Your Practice with Actionable Patient Insights

Unlock valuable patient insights with our Assessment Services. Efficient surveys provide actionable data on mental well-being, saving time and increasing revenue. Empower your practice to make informed decisions for better patient care.

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