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Medical & Dental Billing Services

Let us handle your medical/dental billing so you can focus on patient care. Say goodbye to stress with our accurate and timely billing services. Trust us for efficient and effective billing, and watch your practice thrive.


We Are Committed to helping our partners to increase Your cash flow

We offer full practice management and billing solutions. Our services include:

  • Process primary, secondary, tertiary insurance claims.
  • Follow up with insurance (primary/secondary).
  • Post payments to insurance and patient accounts.
  • Track unpaid claims and send Letters of Medical Necessity when necessary.
  • Provide notification regarding any “Incomplete Claims” which were unable to be processed as a result, or when additional information is required by the insurance carrier to adjudicate claims.
  • Follow up on patients’ payments and generate patient statements.
  • Receive monthly and annual financial analysis and review of medical codes.
  • Process Workers Compensation, Rehab, DME Claims with attachments.
  • Provide you with comprehensive reports: We can provide you with highly detailed reports with colorful analysis charts and graphics tracking the status of every claim and showing the level of productivity of your practice.

Values we live by


Accuracy & Integrity in Billing Practices

We prioritize accuracy and integrity in all our medical and dental billing practices. With a steadfast commitment to precision, we ensure that every billing transaction is handled with meticulous attention to detail


Timely & Efficient Billing Processes

We strive to streamline your billing operations, ensuring promptness and efficiency in every step. Our dedicated team works diligently to ensure that claims are processed and submitted promptly, minimizing delays and optimizing cash flow for your practice.


Commitment to Compliance & Regulatory Standards

Experience the confidence that comes with our commitment to compliance. Let us handle your medical and dental billing services, ensuring that your practice remains compliant with regulations while optimizing revenue and operational efficiency.

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ready to reach new heights? Let's get there, together.

With our comprehensive range of services and tailored solutions, we have the tools to help you thrive in today’s competitive landscape. Whether you’re aiming to expand your market reach, optimize your operations, or enhance your customer experience, we have the resources and strategies to make it happen.


As often as you choose to! We personally recommend, however, that our clients send us their new billing consistently on either a daily or weekly basis.

We require the following…

  • New Patient Information Form
  • A copy of the patient’s insurance card or WC ID card (front and back
  • A copy of the patient’s written prescription (if applicable)
  • The patient’s first superbill (treatment form)

We must receive a completed superbill (treatment form), which has been signed by the physician rendering the services. This form must contain:

  • Patients name
  • Name of insurance carrier
  • CPT codes
  • ICD-10 code(s)
  • Referring physician’s name and the referral #
  • Any/all applicable modifiers

Yes! It is vital to your practice that we receive this information, so that we can enter the insurance carrier’s payments and generate the necessary patient statements for those accounts which still may have a balance due.

We will send out no more than four statements, and make follow up phone calls. After 120 days we recommend that the account be turned over to collection and that the patient be denied future treatments until their account has been paid. If you are not already affiliated with a collection agency near you, please let us know.

We strongly recommend that an additional fee be applied to each account which has not received a payment within a 30 day period.

You will receive a report indicating that the claim does not contain enough information to be processed by the carrier, listing exactly what is missing, which is normally faxed to your office immediately. We do this as a courtesy to you and your staff, to assist in gathering the information quickly, and to avoid timely filing deadlines that are imposed by many insurance carriers.

You can easily report a patient’s co-payment, made at the time of service, on their superbill (treatment form) for that day’s treatments.

You can also report all of the patient’s payments, received in the mail, by keeping a Payment Log. A payment log enables you to report all payments received in your office, using one simple form. If you do not already use this type of form in your practice, we can custom design one for you.

You can also report all of the patient’s payments, received in the mail by making a copy of the check and attaching it to their patient statement remittance (if returned).

Any patient in our system will receive a bill for any balance due, once a payment has been received by their insurance carrier, if you have contracted for this service. Patients are billed bi-monthly. Payment Plans can be easily accommodated also.

We must first determine if the denial, whether in part or in full, is valid. If the denial is valid it must be written off. If the denial is not valid, as in many of the cases, we will request that the carrier reprocess the claim. Unfortunately, many carriers will require that the claim be resubmitted on paper via snail mail, and additional charges may be invoiced to your account as a result.

We sure do! Please keep in mind however, patient billing is best performed by your biller, who already has access to all account balances and other additional information. If we are already handling the insurance end of things, it only makes common sense to let our system automatically generate the claims on an as needed basis!

We can provide you with our Remote Access/Viewing software, which is updated regularly, for an additional fee. This will enable your staff to view patient balances and generate their own statements, among other things.

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