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Are you struggling with medical coding complexities?

Discover how our professional medical coding service can streamline your healthcare organization’s revenue cycle and ensure accurate reimbursements


Relax, We've Got Your Medical Coding Covered

Take a breather and let us take care of your medical coding needs. Our expert team is here to handle everything, ensuring accurate and efficient coding for your healthcare organization. Focus on providing exceptional patient care while we handle the complexities of medical coding with precision and expertise. Trust us to maximize your revenue and streamline your billing processes, leaving you free to focus on what you do best – caring for your patients.

Peace of Mind

CodeMAXX ensures that your medical coding is managed in accordance with national standards (ICD, CPT, CMS, and HCPCS), providing you with peace of mind regarding compliance and revenue optimization.

Up-to-Date Coding

Qiaben keeps you updated with the latest diagnosis codes (ICD-10), procedure codes (CPTs & HCPCS), and modifiers, ensuring accurate and current coding for your billing software.

Certified Professional Coders

With Qiaben, you gain access to certified professional coders who are experts in their field. They accurately code your encounter notes, minimizing the risk of denied claims or decreased payments.

Compliance Assurance

By relying on CodeMAXX services, you reduce the risk of incorrectly assigned diagnosis or procedure codes, mitigating compliance issues and potential revenue loss.

Timely Reimbursements

Having the correct codes, thanks to Qiaben, increases the likelihood of insurance companies processing your claims promptly, resulting in timely reimbursements for your medical practice

Efficiency for Busy Practices

CodeMAXX service is designed to support busy medical practices by relieving the burden of medical coding, allowing your staff to focus on providing quality care to your patients while ensuring accurate and efficient coding for billing purposes

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