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Frustrated with manual patient billing and paper checks?

Explore the convenience of Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) for streamlined billing. EFT allows for electronic transfer of funds from your patient’s bank account directly into your account!


Sit Back and Relax, We've Got Your Patient Billing Covered!

Leave the heavy lifting to us when it comes to patient billing. With our comprehensive solution, you can sit back, relax, and trust that we’ll handle everything with utmost care and efficiency. Say goodbye to the hassle of manual billing processes and let us take care of it all. Experience a seamless and stress-free billing experience with our dedicated team by your side.

Eliminate Delays

Get Paid on Time with EFT! Eliminate payment delays with EFT. On the due date, the patient’s account is automatically debited, ensuring on-time payments.

Streamline Operations

Reduce Paperwork with EFT!  Streamline your billing process, eliminate envelope stuffing, and forget about running to the bank. Experience the simplicity of a paperless billing system.

Minimize Losses

Ensure NSF Control with EFT! Say goodbye to the stress and potential financial losses associated with returned checks. EFT gives you peace of mind and helps safeguard your revenue.

Secure Transactions

Trust the Safety of EFT! Security is paramount when it comes to financial transactions. EFT provides a safe and reliable payment method for both patients and healthcare providers.

Effortless Efficiency

Automate Payments with EFT! Simplify your billing process with the convenience of automation. Once the necessary information is set up in the software, EFT takes care of the rest.

Accelerate Your Cash Flow

Experience Rapid Funds Availability with EFT! Cash flow is crucial for any healthcare practice. EFT helps accelerate your cash flow by providing rapid availability of funds. With direct deposits into your clinic’s bank account

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